Arm unveiled the latest generation of its graphics processing unit (GPU) technology, which the chip design company claimed can push gaming on Android devices to the next level.

Among the advances highlighted for its new flagship Immortalis-G715 unit are a 15 per cent improvement in energy efficiency and performance over its last generation, and enhancements to machine learning and rendering capabilities.

The GPU is also Arm’s first to offer hardware-based Ray Tracing support on mobile, a technique used to improve 3D graphics with realistic lighting and shadows.

Alongside the latest flagship design, Arm announced upgrades to its next-tier down premium GPU technology.

In a corporate blog, Arm director of product management Andy Craigen said the company was “pushing the boundaries of mobile graphics” with the intention of improving gaming experiences on high-end smartphones.

“As the market continues to grow, more complex and immersive AAA [top tier] gaming experiences are now common on mobile,” he added.

“Leading AAA PC and console games all have mobile versions…Moreover, a new generation of users are increasingly choosing mobile as their gaming platform of choice.”

“Arm’s role is to ensure that the latest flagship and premium smartphones deliver the AAA gaming experiences that end users are demanding.”