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Snapchat continues third-party app crackdown

12 FEB 2015

Snapchat users can no longer use an app called Mindie to add music and videos which could be shared as a ‘Snapchat Story’, following a crackdown on third-party apps prompted by a security breach.

Snapchat said its security policy does not allow third-party applications, TechCrunch reported. It has reset passwords for users who gave out their credentials to Mindie, and its policy makes it clear that users who don’t stop using third-party apps risk having their account permanently locked.

Snapchat has been dealing with security issues for a while now. In December, ‘Snapchat-like’ apps disappeared from the Windows Phone Store, which does not currently have the original app in its catalogue, because the ephemeral messaging player believed they compromised security.

In September, users said they received spam messages, although the company pointed the finger at data sourced from other sites rather than a security breach. The contact information of 4.6 million users was also published online early last year.

Mindie has defended itself on its Twitter page, saying “we don’t store credentials remotely and no information has been compromised. No account was hacked and we did not initiate any password reset emails.”

“Help us get Mindie back on Snapchat!” it added.

Users are apparently confused that their passwords have been reset, some thinking their account was hacked, and that they can no longer access Snapchat through Mindie.

Reviews have already started popping up on app stores: “Love this app for Snapchat but suddenly can’t connect” said one user, and “I can’t find where the Snapchat feature is. I would give it a five-star if I could find the Snapchat feature because this is a great app” said another, who gave it a three-star rating.

Snapchat has in the past come down on apps like Snapsaved that allows people to take screenshots of pictures sent on Snapchat without the sender finding out.

But, according to TechCrunch, “Mindie is a much more mainstream, venture-backed company… backed with $1.4 million from top funds” adding that “the move brings up the question of how Snapchat will deal with apps that let you post polished content rather than only creating snaps with its native tools.”

In other Snapchat issues, users are saying that the new version of the app is eating up a lot of data, sometimes more than 1GB in one single week, according to Slash Gear.


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