Smartphone penetration surpasses 50% in EU5

18 DEC 2012

Europe’s five leading mobile markets – the so-called ‘EU5’ – have surpassed 50 percent smartphone penetration, according to new figures from ComScore published this week.

At the end of Q3, smartphones accounted for 54.6 percent of mobile users in the EU5 of France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the UK – totaling 131.5 million. This is up 35 percent from 97.7 million in October 2011 when smartphone penetration stood at 41.6 percent.

Spain was said to have the highest smartphone penetration at 63.2 percent, followed by the UK (62.3 percent), France (51.4 percent) and Italy (51.2 percent). Germany was the only market under 50 percent penetration at 48.4 percent.

The firm also gave smartphone platform and OEM data for the UK.

It calculated that Apple remained the leading UK smartphone maker, capturing 28 percent of the market, followed by Samsung on 24 percent. But on a platform basis, Google’s Android continues to lead, powering 46.6 percent of smartphones, with Apple’s iOS on 28 percent.


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Source: comScore MobiLens