Singaporean regulator the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) revealed Singtel was among the first organisations to submit a proposal for a quantum-safe network, as part of a newly-unveiled government initiative covering digital connectivity.

IMDA today (6 June) stated it also received a proposal from a venture comprising connectivity player SPTel and satellite-based quantum communications outfit SpeQtral.

The companies are seeking to participate in the National Quantum-Safe Network Plus, an initiative within the Digital Connectivity Blueprint launched by the city-state yesterday (5 June).

IMDA noted quantum computing holds plenty of promise in terms of unlocking “unprecedented advancements in raw computing power, simulation and optimisation”, but equally brings “new security risks” by breaking “many encryption algorithms that we rely on today”.

It noted Singapore launched the first iteration of the quantum-safe network in 2022, with various researchers conducting trials which “demonstrated the technical feasibility of deploying quantum-safe technologies”.

The latest move aims to help network operators deploy quantum-proof networks enabling businesses “to safeguard their critical data”.