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Seize the 5G FWA opportunity with Inseego

When most people think of 5G, they think consumer mobile services. However, 5G is much more.

5G enables mobile services to be provided with highspeed, reliable and low latency performance. This opens a whole range of new use cases and revenue opportunities for mobile service providers and enterprises. The 10 times increase in download speeds provided by 5G makes Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) a compelling alternative for access connectivity. The ease of installation and setup of 5G FWA, as well as its applicability in a range of use cases, means that 5G FWA could become the preferred access connectivity choice.

This whitepaper explores how with 5G FWA speeds, reliable and low latency performance, 5G FWA is also a compelling wireline alternative for urban connectivity in both homes and enterprises, smart factories, private campuses and entertainment venues.

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