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Security Makes 5G Go Further

Following the concepts of network business convergence and on-demand services, 5G introduces a wide variety of access capabilities, a flexible network architecture and higher security, changes the plain mobile communication service model, provides enhanced bandwidth and higher cost performance for the Consumer Internet, and provides a highly customizable network and ICT services for the Industrial Internet.

The wide diversity of vertical industries that can be supported is a prominent feature of the Industrial Internet. The differences in security level requirements, network architecture, traffic characteristics, and protocol types creates complexities in adopting a unified 5G network security architecture for vertical industries.

A 5G network security architecture needs to be customized for a specific network based on its social and economic background, regulations and business scenarios. The stability and health of the Industrial Internet affect the future of the Internet. With the development of 5G standards and applications, large-scale commercialization of 5G is imminent. To make 5G go further, we need to do more to ensure network security.

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