Samsung Electronics made its latest push to recruit consumers to its foldable devices, upgrading a promotional app targeted at users of iOS devices to replicate the experience on its latest Fold using two connected handsets.

Its Try Galaxy app is available to Apple users through the Safari browser, mimicking the features of Samsung’s user interfaces and device-specific elements without having to purchase one of its handsets.

The South Korea-based manufacturer noted its latest update to the app provided the opportunity to “explore” the key features of its latest fold and flip devices, alongside software and interfaces found on other Galaxy devices.

Among the upgrades are the ability to use two devices to recreate the larger screen and replicate claimed multitasking capabilities on Samsung’s Fold5 device.

The move is the company’s latest push to recruit users to its foldables, with promotional campaigns across various markets currently running under the tagline “join the flipside”.

Samsung noted prior to the update to include its Fold and Flip 5 features, the Try Galaxy app had been downloaded more than 7 million times and was available in 20 languages.