Japanese operator KDDI established the 5G Business Co-creation Alliance to speed up the introduction of new business models for corporate customers and named Samsung as a partner to drive digital transformation for enterprises using the next-gen technology.

Akihito Fujii, GM for KDDI’s Service Planning and Development Division, said in a statement it will collaborate with Samsung to drive new business opportunities for enterprise customers.

The companies will start by verifying 5G use-cases for enterprises. Business customers can choose KDDI as their network manager and decide whether to use its existing infrastructure or develop their own 5G networks to expand their businesses, the statement noted.

Satoshi Iwao, head of the Network Division at Samsung Japan, claimed by collaborating with KDDI, it will continue to deliver on the full potential of private 5G networks, which will play a central role in transforming enterprises and introducing new services.

KDDI said it plans to expand the number of digital transformation business partners, with the aim to create business models using the capabilities of 5G, and share its findings with partners.

Last month the two companies claimed an industry first after demonstrating end-to-end network slicing in a standalone (SA) 5G network using a RAN Intelligent Controller.