Samsung takes Tizen to TVs

Samsung takes Tizen to TVs

02 JAN 2015

Samsung said that “all of its smart TVs” sold in 2015 will use a platform built around Tizen, the fledgling platform which has so far only seen limited use in some wearables and consumer electronics products.

While Samsung has promised a smartphone powered by the OS, this has yet to come to fruition – an earlier Russian launch was shelved, with the latest indications pointing to an Indian debut.

In a statement, Won Jin Lee, EVP of the visual display business at Samsung, said that using Tizen is “a groundbreaking step towards a much more intelligent and integrated system”.

For example, using Wi-Fi Direct, content can be shared between a TV and mobile device via a single click, while Bluetooth LE is used by the smart televisions to automatically search for nearby Samsung devices and connect to them.

Samsung has been working on Tizen for some time, but has faced an uphill battle in one important regard – availability of a compelling supporting apps and content proposition.

While the company has made numerous efforts to woo developers for the platform, it has struggled with one fundamental issue – until devices reach consumers, there are no potential buyers for content.

The company has been pushing Tizen in the wearables space, where unlike in the smartphone space, the Android alternative does not have an insurmountable lead.

By using the platform in the smart TV market, Samsung will be hoping to attract more developers who, once having committed to Tizen on one device, are perhaps more likely to also create products for others.

Regardless, with Android and iOS dominating the market, and Microsoft’s long and costly efforts to build Windows Phone showing how difficult it is to build momentum, Samsung is still likely to need to do some heavy lifting to attract content partners.


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