Samsung: We are still in discussions with operators on “kill switch”

Samsung: We are still in discussions with operators on “kill switch”

16 DEC 2013

Samsung said some of the press reports on its proposal for a “kill switch” on the Galaxy Note 3 in the US have been “unfair”, as the vendor is “still making proposals to implement a specific technical solution”.

In fact, Samsung said it has “continued our discussions with each of the carriers to evaluate a different kill switch solution and as some have already stated publicly, they will support a free and secure kill switch application.”

The vendor’s statement follows a letter last week sent by New York State attorney general Eric Schneiderman (pictured) to the CEOs of Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, US Cellular and Sprint.

The letter accused the operators of prohibiting Samsung from preloading its kill switch on certain smartphones.

The feature enables users to remotely disable their handset if it is stolen and is designed to suck the economic incentive out of snatching users’ devices.

New York’s district attorney is the co-chair of an initiative called Secure Our Smartphones (SOS) with San Francisco District Attorney George Gascon and London Mayor Boris Johnson. One of the aims of SOS is the introduction of anti-theft technology for mobile devices.

Schneiderman’s letter questioned the operator’s alleged decision to reject Samsung’s kill switch from a competition standpoint, as “the first carrier to feature free anti-theft technology could use that as a selling point for consumers who care about safety and security”.

In its statement Friday, Samsung added: “We have no doubt about the carriers’ commitment to remove the aftermarket for stolen phones, as has been demonstrated by their many activities in this area already. We will continue to work with them and with the SOS initiative to find an effective solution that addresses this critical issue.”


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