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Samsung set to unveil two versions of flagship S6 – report

11 FEB 2015

It looks increasingly likely that Samsung will offer two versions of its anticipated Galaxy S6 flagship, after the company appears to have – inadvertently – confirmed the plan.

According to Forbes, Samsung’s Finnish and Swedish websites gained support pages for the Galaxy S6 (SM-G920X) and Galaxy S6 Edge (SM-G925X). While containing no information, this does seem to validate earlier reports that the company is planning to offer two iterations of its next flagship.

The strategy is not completely new: at IFA2014 in September 2014 Samsung unveiled its Note 4 and Note Edge phablets. The latter, as expected with next month’s S6 Edge, features a wrap-around display onto the sides of the device.

As much as this enables support for some new features, it also provides Samsung with an important differentiator in the competitive world of high-end smartphones. LG is the only other vendor to have embraced flexible displays, although in the case of that company it is used to offer curved main displays.

Otherwise, it is widely expected that the new Samsung flagship(s) will be powered by the company’s own Exynos processors, displacing Qualcomm, which has supplied at least some of the chips in previous devices.

And it has also been suggested that Samsung will offer the devices with removable batteries, which has also become something of a differentiator among high-end smartphones, where generally a single-piece body has become the norm.

From a software viewpoint, it has been mooted that Samsung will debut a stripped-down version of its TouchWiz interface, which has previously been criticised for being bloated.

In addition to taking up less memory and system resources, the new TouchWiz is also likely to allow users to add or remove elements based on their own preferences, Forbes said.


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