Samsung loses bid to keep sales data secret in patent battle

02 JAN 2013

In the latest round of its ongoing legal clash with Apple, Samsung has lost a bid to keep sales data for some of its handsets secret from its rival.

US District Judge Lucy Koh blocked the Korean vendor’s request to keep the sales figures sealed while it appeals an earlier order, reports Bloomberg.

The same judge ruled on 10 December that Samsung must list in an exhibit the total unit sales of a number of handsets sold during certain time periods. The Korean vendor was seeking to delay the implementation of this order until its appeal is heard by the US Federal Circuit court.

Judge Koh wrote that Samsung’s appeal involved pricing information and profit margins while the exhibit at issue “only lists the number of units sold in each of several recent months”.

The judge also issued another order supporting Samsung’s request to hold back the publication of part of a document that showed per-unit operating profit for two Samsung handsets, pending its appeal.

Separately, Apple has agreed to withdraw claims against a specific Samsung smartphone after the Korean vendor said it was not planning to sell it in the US.

Apple had asked to add the Galaxy S III Mini and a number of other Samsung handsets, including several tablets, to its ongoing legal battle against its rival. Samsung responded by pointing out the Galaxy S III Mini was not being launched in the US and so should be excluded from any legal action.

Last summer Apple won US$1.05 billion in damages against Samsung.  But the US company failed in its bid to ban some of the Korean vendor’s smartphones and tablets from sale in the US.


Richard Handford

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