Samsung Galaxy S 4 will have more payments apps than just Visa

Samsung Galaxy S 4 will have more payment apps than just Visa

15 MAR 2013

The new Samsung Galaxy S 4 will come preloaded with other payment apps in addition to Visa, the company said.

Samsung announced a major alliance with Visa at MWC 2013 under which some of the vendor’s NFC-based handsets will be preloaded with the Visa Paywave applet, which enables subscribers to make payments using their smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S 4 is the first device to carry the Visa app. Other NFC-based handsets launched later this year will also include the credit card giant’s payment app.

However, Visa told Mobile World Live in Barcelona that the arrangement with Samsung was non-exclusive, opening up the possibility that the vendor could partner with other financial institutions, including rival MasterCard.

The vendor confirmed this arrangement by saying that “more payment applets from multiple brands are planned to be preloaded into the embedded secure element in coming months”.

In addition, the new Galaxy S 4 will feature Mobeam technology, developed by a US vendor with the same name, which enables coupons, loyalty cards, gift cards, membership cards or tickets to be transmitted between the device and barcode scanners in shops and other locations.


Richard Handford

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