Samsung Galaxy devices win NSA approval to handle classified information

Samsung Galaxy devices win NSA approval to handle classified information

21 OCT 2014

Samsung said a range of its Galaxy devices has been given approval – under a programme run by the US National Security Agency (NSA) – to handle a “full range” of classified information. The South Korean manufacturer claimed it was the first batch of consumer mobile devices to pass the agency’s strict security standards.

All Samsung devices listed on Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) use the manufacturer’s Knox platform. Android-based, Knox is designed to enhance security of the open-source version of Google’s operating system. One platform benefit is it allows users to switch between a personal space (where personal data can be stored) and the protected Knox Workspace container.

“The inclusion of Samsung mobile devices on the CSfC list proves the unmatched security of Samsung Galaxy devices supported by the Knox platform,” asserted JK Shin, CEO of IT and mobile business at Samsung Electronics.

Earlier this year a selection of Samsung mobile devices were included on the list of products approved for ‘sensitive but unclassified use’ by the US Defence Information Systems Agency (DISA). Samsung said it’s the only manufacturer with devices on both this list and the CSfC list.


Ken Wieland

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