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Samsung to drop Snapdragon chip in Galaxy S6 — report

15 JAN 2015

Samsung reportedly will switch from using Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 processor in its next series of Galaxy S smartphones to its own Exynos chip because of overheating issues.

DigiTimes reported that an industry source suggested that initially 80-90 per cent of the next-generation of Galaxy S6 smartphones would have its in-house 14nm processors, but as Qualcomm solves the overheating problem, the percentage using the 20nm Snapdragon processor would increase.

The S6 is tipped to be unveiled at Mobile World Congress in March.

Samsung already offers two versions of the Galaxy S4: one with a Snapdragon chip and the other using its own 28nm SoC chip.

The switch to its own 14nm processors in its Galaxy S6, DigiTimes said, suggested that Samsung would likely start volume production of its 14nm FinFET node technology this quarter.

Taiwan’s TSMC has said previously that volume production of its 16nm FinFET process is scheduled to begin around July.


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