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Report: Samsung planning Tizen switch for smart watch

19 FEB 2014

Samsung is set to use Tizen for the next version of its Galaxy Gear smart watch, displacing Android in the wearable device, according to a USA Today report.

The move would come at a time when the future of Tizen looks at best uncertain. Despite commitments to launch devices last year, this did not take place beyond a single digital camera, amid reports of cooling sentiments from players including Samsung and NTT Docomo.

In some ways, putting Tizen in a smart watch makes some sense. Firstly, it would enable the South Korean handset number one to maintain the appearance of support for Tizen without the risks associated with migrating a smartphone to the platform.

And secondly, the shortcomings of Tizen – such as the lack of apps and content catalogue – are less of an issue in a smart watch, where new types of apps need to be developed anyway.

According to USA Today, Samsung will focus on HTML5 as the development platform for apps targeting its Tizen-powered watch, so as to attract web developers, rather than looking to drive native app development for the platform.

A study earlier this month from Strategy Analytics said that Android captured 61 per cent of the global smart watch market during 2013, although with a total of 1.9 million units shipped during the year, there is still a lot to play for.

Significantly, the research firm said Android’s growth has “been driven mostly by Samsung’s Galaxy Gear model”, meaning that a shift to Tizen would be significant for the development of the ecosystem.


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