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Redefining the Customer Journey


How to bridge the gap between the anonymous and known customer journey to boost ROAS

We’re at a tipping point in digital marketing; with 88 percent of consumers engaging online in the pre-purchase research stage, which makes it no longer sufficient to start the “getting to know you” process once a customer makes a purchase or signs up for email updates.

To stay competitive, digital marketers are increasingly looking for fresh ways to understand intent and strengthen connections with potential customers before they make themselves known. This calls for an evolved approach for how we measure and optimize the customer journey – in particular, the critical yet often overlooked “anonymous customer journey.”

In this whitepaper, we’ll take a look at the expanded customer journey and offer strategies for how to unify the anonymous to the known customer journey. Once you connect those aspects of the customer journey, you can optimize your digital campaigns and be more strategic about allocating your digital budget – all with the goal of increasing customer acquisition. The end result? You’ll reach more customers and improve return on advertising spend (ROAS).

You will learn:

  • The value of connecting the anonymous and known portions of the customer journey
  • How to implement a fresh approach to measurement
  • How to refocus optimization efforts

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