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Recognizing market leadership in technology innovation

The Zendrive platform captures 98% of all driving events with zero hardware. With over 180 billion miles analyzed, Zendrive has the largest set of driving analytics data in the world. Our patented algorithms yield life-saving insights for the following industries:

  • Insurance providers (banking and financial institutions)
  • Wireless carriers (telecom)
  • Smartphone applications (mobility and family safety)
  • Fleets and vehicle maintenance (auto servicing)

For insurance companies, our actuarial models use driver behavior analysis to help insurers better analyze risk. On the fleet side, our product features help fleet managers gamify and improve driver behaviors. For wireless carriers, we deploy road safety features to millions worldwide. If you’re neither of these but have a mobile app, we can help you boost profits by adapting to your user’s location and context.

Additionally, in the event of a crash, we can notify multiple parties through Zendrive WreckDetect. We alert roadside assistance, family members, 911, and insurers as well.

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