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Quality Assurance Testing For 5G Industrial Applications

This white paper provides an overview on how to ensure effective quality assurance testing for 5G industrial applications. To do this, it is essential to analyze the different use cases which provide the basis of how applications can operate within the 5G network.

Another important consideration is the understanding of the term “Quality”. Therefore, the paper will describe the definition of quality including a 5G machine-type context and develop a common understanding of the concepts of QoS and QoE.

After establishing a common understanding of quality, the document then provides a deeper view on 5G service assurance requirements. It then develops use case test methodologies, explains the role of automated testing in service assurance and presents a new active approach to ensure continuity of QoS from the end device perspective for specific 5G industrial applications such as private networks.

The paper is structured as follows:

  • 5G status overview and use cases
  • 5G QoS and QoE
  • 5G service assurance requirements
  • 5G use case test methodologies
  • Case study: 5G private network active testing
  • Summary and conclusion

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