OnePlus unveiled its long-anticipated OnePlus 2 smartphone, maintaining its competitive pricing with the high-spec device – the 16GB version costs $329.

A 64GB sibling will also be available priced at $389.

While the company is billing the device as the “2016 Flagship Killer”, its specifications are more on a par with existing devices from tier-one vendors.

As previously revealed, OnePlus 2 is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 octacore processor with 4GB of RAM (3GB for the 16GB device). OnePlus 2 also adopts OnePlus’ OxygenOS (built on Android 5.1).

It has a 5.5-inch full-HD screen, 13MP main camera with six lenses to “avoid colour distortion and colour aberration”, and 5MP front-facing camera.

Also on the spec list are dual nano-SIM slots and a fingerprint sensor. It also adopts a USB Type-C charging and data port.

One notable omission is NFC, with the company reportedly stating that “we heard from a lot of users of the One and saw most of our users weren’t using NFC”. Other features supported by some high-end devices that have not made the cut include wireless charging and microSD expansion slot.

As with its previous device, the company is launching OnePlus 2 through an invitation process. Customers can get invitations from friends who have already purchased a device or by participating in contests and promotions.

The company said that this process will be in place “for the foreseeable future”.

OP_s03_c031The device is available in sandstone black, with a ‘StyleSwap’ removable backplate enabling owners to modify their smartphones. The company said it has an outer frame “crafted from a resilient alloy of aluminium and magnesium”, with stainless steel accents.