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Qualcomm to sell L-Band spectrum in UK

08 JUN 2015

Chipmaker Qualcomm is selling L-Band spectrum in the UK which could be of interest to operators dealing with increasing bandwith demands, as the spectrum can be used to boost download capacity.

In May 2008, Qualcomm acquired frequencies in the L-Band spectrum (1452-1492 MHz) auctioned by UK regulator Ofcom for £8.33 million in order to “bring a variety of innovative wireless technologies to the UK market.”

At the time, John Caterer, then managing director, UK, Qualcomm Europe said that the licence “creates an opportunity for Qualcomm to explore emerging business models and advanced mobile technologies.”

“If we can help the market to harness this potential, we will see additional opportunities for service providers using a variety of technologies. This will ultimately benefit consumers, offering them high quality services and a range of creative applications,” he had said.

In October 2013, Qualcomm submitted a request to enable the use of supplemental downlink (SDL) in the frequencies covered by the licence. SDL is a mobile broadband technology which provides additional bandwidth to boost download capacity for mobile broadband.

Last month, Ofcom said it was going to vary Qualcomm’s licence to enable the use of SDL technology. Now Qualcomm has put the spectrum up for sale.

“The 1.4 GHz Spectrum Access Licence will be varied on 19 June when the frequencies covered by the licence are brought within the Mobile Trading Regulations,” Ofcom said in a statement.

The decision would enable an operator to pair the spectrum with their existing frequencies to improve download speeds. . 

Ofcom also recently revealed an update to its plans to release mobile airwaves in the 2.3GHz and 3.4GHz spectrum bands, kicking-off a consultation with potential bidders on the best way to proceed with the upcoming auction.


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