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Qualcomm head talks up adjacent opportunities

06 JAN 2015

LIVE FROM CES2015: Derek Aberle, president of Qualcomm, used his appearance at CES on Monday to highlight the company’s continued efforts to drive innovation in its core device processor business, as well as the opportunities that adjacent sectors can provide.

Featuring prominently in his presentation was the Snapdragon 810 processor, the company’s current flagship chip, which will debut in LG’s G Flex 2 – announced here at CES today. “We have good OEM traction, you are going to continue to see announcements coming out over the next couple of months,” he said.

With Qualcomm working hard to defend its position in high-end devices, Aberle noted the importance of having products which are competitive across-the-board, for example in terms of connectivity, video and imaging capabilities.

“One of the things that is important to understand as you look at the list of features, is that you really can’t win in the premium tier segment being good at one particular technology. It’s really about being able to bring a system together where you are leading in a multitude of different technology vectors,” he said.

Aberle said that the various technologies needed for the latest mobile devices can also be applied in other markets.

“Mobile provides one of the most difficult design environments, in terms of driving low-power, small form-factor and high performance. When you think of the technologies that are developed for mobile, the applications they can go into can really help transform other industries and segments. It’s really a tremendous opportunity for us and the rest of the industry,” he said.

With regard to the Internet of Things, the Qualcomm president said: “There’s a lot of companies that have been talking about what they are doing in the Internet of Things, and that includes things like automotive, healthcare, wearables, networking, and the connected or smart home.”

“Qualcomm isn’t just talking about it, we are doing it. We’ve really got tremendous traction over the last years in all of these segments. We have active customer engagements and are shipping products in pretty much all of these.”

With wearables remaining a hot topic here at CES, Aberle said: “This is an interesting segment, and one that we’ve been focused on both in terms of bringing our own showcase products to market over the last couple of years, and in terms of supplying technology and chipsets.”

“We’ve got 15 plus products already in the market shipping in 30 plus countries, and that’s a broad range of products as well. We’ve got cameras, we’ve got eyewear, we are in GoPro. And when you think about the smartwatch segment, which is pretty nascent, of the Android Wear products that have come to market, we’ve got the majority of designs there as well.”

And the executive was also optimistic about the often discussed, but slow growing, mobile health market.

“Healthcare is an area that we’ve spent a lot of time on over the last ten years. And up to the last few years, the industry wasn’t ready to start really adopting mobile technology. But now we’re seeing a transformation in mobile health, the medical devices and technology needed for those devices has really matured, and come to a place where the solutions are there, and they really work well,” he said.


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