Pixate raises $3.8M for app UI tech

Pixate raises $3.8M for app UI tech

04 JUL 2013

Pixate, a company which said it enables “dynamic user interfaces for native mobile applications”, announced $3.8 million of funding, which it will use to “hire aggressively to expand platform support and develop for Android”, extending its reach from iOS.

It said that its current Pixate Engine is a free, dynamic UI platform for apps, which “dramatically reduces the amount of code required while building and experimenting with UI”. Using native CSS and graphics engines, developers can stream front-end styling changes without having to resubmit titles to app store, “empowering them to optimise an app’s look and feel by dynamically altering design elements”.

Paul Colton, CEO and co-founder, said:  “Rather than having an app be a ‘black box’, Pixate enables the decoupling of styling and design from the application’s core logic; this is critical for those that want to iterate their way towards the optimal user experience, engagement — and ultimately, conversion.”

“Testing between various looks and themes, or being able to dynamically change UI elements based on demographic or geographic rules is just the tip of the iceberg of what Pixate brings to native mobile apps,” he continued.

Pixate Engine is free for developers. Premium support options are available.


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