Pirated apps appear on BlackBerry App World

09 JAN 2013

Pirated Android apps are reportedly being sold on RIM’s BlackBerry App World store.

A developer said on Reddit they had discovered that a third party had downloaded their app from Google Play, converted the APK, and published it in App World without consent.

The same third party had done the same to several other Android apps created by other developers.

The piracy was discovered after users contacted the original developers regarding compatibility issues for their app on the BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

There is an online tool provided by RIM to convert Android apps so that they work on BlackBerry devices, but it now appears that individuals are using this approach to pirate Android titles and sell them as their own.

A RIM spokesperson told CNET it would not tolerate pirated apps and encouraged developers to report any incidents where they believe their copyright rights are being infringed by third-parties to its IP team.


Tim Ferguson

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