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Physical No More: The Case for Shifting to Digital Sales Channels

In the last six months, the world has learned to do more things digitally. On one level, this is good news for mobile network operators. Demand for mobile services is higher than ever.

But it also presents a challenge. Today, many MNOs still rely heavily on high street stores to sign up new customers or upsell to existing subscribers.

Footfall at these physical channels has been hit hard by the pandemic – and many observers believe it will not return to previous levels when it is over.

The alternative, of course, is digital selling. MNOs need to embrace digital channels in order to unlock new revenue streams, safeguard existing incomes and strengthen their core business offerings.

However, many MNOs lack the technical infrastructure to precisely target and convert customers this way. Some have budget constraints too.

In this case study, you will learn how tools from specialist e-partners make it possible for MNOs to target and convert customers using a variety of digital channels – for zero upfront cost.

Please click here to download the case study.