Oppo again declared its commitment to the European market and users on the continent, despite the loss of its sole distributor in France adding to woes in Germany.

In a statement to Mobile World Live, Oppo confirmed reports in the French press claiming its exclusive distributor in the country Yang Technology SAS had ceased operations, but indicated its position with regards to Europe as a whole remained unchanged.

“We respect our partner’s decision and hope it will work with related business parties closely for the rest of the proceedings,” the company said.

“Meanwhile, Oppo’s commitment to the European market and users remains unchanged. For existing users in France, they could still enjoy the future OS updates and after-sales service.”

The blow in the French market comes as the company continues a long-running battle with Nokia over patents, which has led to legal hearings across several markets in recent months.

Together with its sister brand OnePlus, the company’s products are currently unavailable in the German market after being pulled in the wake of a court judgement.

Earlier this year, the two brands rebutted claims on social media they were set to quit a swathe of major European markets.