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OnePlus set for February unveiling of OxygenOS

02 FEB 2015

Device maker OnePlus said it will provide an update on its operating system plans on 12 February, revealing that it will be called OxygenOS.

The company is planning a separate version for China, called H2OS. This, it said in a blog post, will be “more aligned with the particular demands of that market”.

OnePlus has not provided much detail about OxygenOS, but has said that its aim is to offer a platform that is “open, customisable, and free of bloat and unnecessary features”.

It has also not said when the platform is likely to be made available to device owners.

OnePlus brought forward its platform plans following a spat with Cyanogen, the developer of the operating system it had been using for its international devices.

An agreement between Cyanogen and device maker Micromax scuppered OnePlus’ launch plans for India, leading the device maker to follow its own path.


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