Deployment of 3G services in Thailand has hit another delay after the Thai government reportedly rejected the rollout requests of two potential 3G operators. According to the Bangkok Post this morning, Thailand’s National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) has delayed HSPA rollout plans by operators DTAC and True Move pending further clarification of technical issues. The initial rollout requests were made by CAT Telecom – which oversees the two operators’ concessions – and concerns DTAC rolling-out HSPA technology via 1,200 basestations and True Move deploying the technology at 650 basestations. According to an NTC spokesperson, the government is requesting further information on how the new technology will affect spectrum frequencies, and related terms and conditions.

It was reported late last week by Reuters that True Move, Thailand’s third-largest mobile operator, is planning to invest 5 billion baht (US$150 million) in 3G over the next few years, with a trial planned later this year. It was also announced last week that state-owned enterprise TOT had acquired 3G license-holder Thai Mobile, allowing it to launch 3G services at some point. Currently, Advanced Info Service (AIS) is the only operator to have launched 3G HSPA services in the country, offering a limited service in Chiang Mai.