US start-up AboutOne is set to launch a mobile app that helps users to better organise their personal health data in a way that makes it readily accessible. The firm is set to launch an app based on the Windows Phone OS with apps based on iOS and Android to follow this Spring.  The company was founded in June 2010 and launched the first version of its web-based organiser in March 2011. It was jointly developed with Microsoft. According to MedCity News, the online organiser is aimed at mothers, the group who are primarily in charge of organising health-based information in the home. The firm is working on the second version of the web-based organiser.

AboutOne was set up by Joanne Lang, formerly an executive with software giant SAP who worked on cloud computing. She was motivated to set up the firm after a medical emergency involving one of her sons when she was unable to give emergency staff the data they needed.