Softcard, the mobile payments joint venture between three leading US operators, has collaborated with McDonald’s and has now launched in 14,000 of its US locations.

Michael Abbott, chief executive officer, Softcard, said he hopes “the scale and reach of McDonald’s will drive mobile payments further into the mainstream and demonstrate the value Softcard delivers to both merchants and customers.”

Softcard works on over 80 mobile devices across AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon Wireless.

Last month, Subway also partnered with SoftCard to support mobile payments at over 26,000 locations and Jamba Juice is another big name that offers payment via SoftCard.

SoftCard was launched in November last year as Isis and averaged more than 20,000 daily activations in April and May earlier this year.

Apple’s mobile payment service called Apple Pay is proving to be a threat for rivals such as Softcard with 1 million credit cards activated to work with it in just the first three days of its launch.