Challenger handset manufacturer Realme inked an agreement with Africa-focused e-commerce company Jumia to sell devices across the latter’s markets across the continent.

The deal will eventually increase Realme’s retail options in 11 markets, with its dedicated Jumia sales channel set to open in Nigeria first followed by Kenya, Ghana and the Ivory Coast. It will eventually be available across the e-commerce company’s entire footprint.

In a statement the pair claimed the combination of the two would “boost smartphone adoption” on the continent.

China-headquartered Realme has spent most of its four years in the smartphone market releasing handsets in the low- to mid-tier, though in late 2021 CEO Sky Li revealed it was poised to begin making devices above the $800 mark.

By the end of 2021 it was selling handsets in 61 markets across the globe including several in Africa also covered by its Jumia deal. It claims to have a user base of more than 100 million globally.

Jumia runs its e-commerce platform across 11 countries in Africa covering retail and, in selected markets payment services.