An early release of a rebranded version of popular game PUBG Mobile in India looked to already have run into problems, with reports the title sent some user data to servers operated by China Mobile and Tencent.

IGN India reported Battlegrounds Mobile India was employing Chinese servers alongside a host of domestic, Russia and US-based options to handle data from Android users of the rebooted title, which was originally removed after being swept-up in a government crackdown in 2020.

The news outlet stated it used a data packet sniffer to trace information from an Android smartphone after being contacted by concerned users. This showed details being sent to a China Mobile server during play, with a Tencent server apparently contacted while the title boots.

If the assertion is true it would represent a serious breach for the title: last month developer Krafton pledged any reboot would fully comply with local laws and regulations, while the title’s original creator PUBG Corporation revoked Tencent Games’ franchise to operate the game as part of its move to restore access in India.

The developers merged in late 2020.

Consumer appetite appears to remain large. Game World Observer reported Battlegrounds Mobile India had racked up 20 million registrations in the fortnight leading up to its early release last week, and LiveMint stated the game was downloaded 5 million times within two days after being made available.