PARTNER FEATURE: LG U+ is one of the operators deploying 5G commercial networks first. At the early stage of 5G commercial use, terminals and the ecosystem are not fully mature. Network maintenance and optimization is now facing many challenges, such as insufficient experience and slow performance convergence. Network automation becomes an urgent requirement for LG U+.

In order to address these new challenges in 5G network and reduce network O&M cost, LG U+ applying AI technology into the mobile networks. Innovative Features like Automatic Neighbor Relation (ANR) and AI-based massive MIMO pattern optimization can effectively address the requirement of efficiency and basic network quality at the early stage of 5G network deployment. The successfully large-scale commercial use of these two innovative features significantly improves the quality of LG U+ 5G network.

Choi Taek Jin, CTO of LGU+, said in an interview: “Automated O&M and remote control are very important for 5G, so for 5G we have put more effort in it. Uplus has done some preparation for automation. Using applications to collect data and create a database, using this information to go through some optimization and using specific tools to adjust the tilts for beam patterns and automation control.