German incumbent Deutsche Telekom will offer a range of mobile health-based products in its home market from next week. The operator will start selling mobile health devices that enable users to measure their blood sugar level, temperature and pulse rate in 350 of its shops, according to

The devices are a combination of modules that attach to an iPhone, iPad or iPod, as well as a dock (just for the iPhone or iPod). The Vitadock range of devices, which are available in Deutsche Telekom shops from 8 August, are manufactured by German company Medisana. Users also download a Medisana app that works with the devices. 

According to Axel Wehmeier, head of Deutsche Telekom’s health business, selling the devices is a further step in the operator becoming a provider of “intelligent health solutions." He said Deutsche Telekom was thinking of going further in the future so that users could share their health data online with their doctor or other family members.