LIVE FROM MWC LAS VEGAS 2023: MobileX landed a deal to sell its tariffs online with retailer Walmart as well as in some stores across the US, giving the MVNO a big boost in the pre-paid sector after initially launching its service on Verizon’s network earlier this year.

It uses AI to predict how much data customers will need, which MobileX states cut costs while ensuring reliable speed and service.

After a free 10-day trial, the company’s AI-based data forecaster builds a customised plan for customers. Subscribers can keep track of their data usage in real time on their apps to tailor their plans on the fly.

If subscribers are traveling, or if they see they’re about to exceed their data plan, they can add a gigabyte using their phones. The end result is they only pay for the amount of data they need.

The forecaster also provides a projection for how much data will be needed in the next month. If a customer doesn’t use all of the data, it’s rolled over as a credit in the following month.

MobileX was created by Peter Adderton, who founded Boost Mobile before it was subsequently sold to Sprint. Adderton told Mobile World Live (MWL) he first started using AI for MobileX in 2019 and has since been fine-tuning the service ahead of launching it in February.

“There’s about 70 million Americans that churn every year off pre-paid,” Adderton said. “Most of them are churning for price and coverage, and we have the best price and we get the best coverage.”

MobileX’s service works with most unlocked iPhones and Android devices. Walmart customers can buy the MobileX Activation SIM Kit for $9.88—offset by a $10 credit upon activation—and download the app via the Apple and Google Play stores.

“This arrangement with Walmart really puts MobileX on the map,” said Wave7 Research principal Jeff Moore. “Walmart has mobile professionals at an estimated 3,000 Walmart Supercenters who are motivated to sell.”

Global ambition
Adderton is in discussions to strike additional MVNO deals with operators abroad, which would allow customers to use their MobileX tariffs at no additional cost when they travel without needing a host operator’s SIM card.

He has about 210 countries running in a test on his personal phone, which he noted allowed him to call almost anywhere in the world for free.

“I see us rolling out in at least five or six countries in 2024,” he stated. “We’ve been working on this for a while. We’re putting the consumer first, and we really are trying to save consumers money.”