AT&T has launched a GPS-enabled wearable device called Everthere for older users that will use the US operator’s network to trigger an alarm should a user suffer a fall.

The operator quotes figures from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention which show one-third of adults over 65 in North America fall each year.

The GPS technology is to help first responders locate the user in the event of an accident. The operator also said the device can automatically tell when a fall occurs. However, it is not clear from the announcement how that would work.

The operator is offering two tariffs for the device. One is a 11-month contract costing $99, with a monthly service charge of $30. Alternatively, users can pay $200 upfront, have no contract and also pay $30 monthly.

AT&T is offering the device to consumers via its website but hopes to also distribute it via deals with insurance companies, healthcare providers, home health agencies and assisted living operators.