Office for iPad could net Microsoft “billions”

Office for iPad could net Microsoft “billions”

18 FEB 2013

Microsoft is losing out on “billions” in revenue by not offering a version of its Office software suite for Apple’s iPad, according to a Morgan Stanley analyst.

According to CNBC, the finance firm’s Adam Holt believes that if priced at around $60, some 30 per cent of iPad users would buy the software, generating $2.5 billion for Microsoft – even after Apple has taken its own cut.

While Microsoft offers versions of Office for platforms other than Windows, it has yet to offer a version for the market-leading tablet.

It has been suggested that it has taken this path in order to protect one of the key selling points of its own Surface tablet line, which is believed to have seen only lukewarm sales so far.

Morgan Stanley’s Holt said that “the company may ultimately decide there is more upside with Office on iPads, particularly if Win tablets fall short of expectations”.


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