Hello Mobile Money Professionals,I am pleased to announce that the Mobile Money Canada 2010 Conference is almost here and has come together extremely well.  I am thoroughly amazed at the talented and experienced mobile money innovators that will be on hand to discuss, educate, and debate all aspects of this growing industry in Canada.  For those that attended last year’s conference, you will be delighted to know that this year’s conference will include presentations and case studies from an expanded sent of mobile money service and solution providers including SunTrust Bank, EnStream, Western Union Canada, MasterCard, PayPal, Telepin, and M-Com.We will also have a special guest at the conference from the developing world. Zahir Khoja, Executive Director of M-Paisa, Afghanistan’s first mobile money transfer service, will describe the challenges of bringing Mobile Money to Afghanistan.  I am sure that many of the lessons learned that Zahir will share will be applicable to the developed world as well.   If you have not registered as yet, please do so today at www.mobilemoneycanada.com.  We only have room for a few more people and as such, we are reserving those spaces for individuals involved with mobile money rollouts from financial institutions, mobile operators, and payment firms.   I do apologize that we cannot accommodate everyone at this time.The final agenda will be released online later today.  For those that are interested, the following are a few of the key highlights.   I look forward to speaking with you at the conference.Kind regards,Brent Ho-YoungMobile Money Canada Conference HostMOBILE MONEY CANADA 2010The second annual Mobile Money Canada Conference will be held on September 21st, 2010 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Mobile Money Canada is the only conference in Canada that is focused entirely on showcasing and building the country’s rapidly growing mobile money industry. Mobile Money Canada is hosted and organized by DonRiver Inc, a leading telecommunications and mobile financial services consulting firm. This year’s conference will bring together senior executives, thought leaders, and mobile financial practitioners from Canadian banks, mobile operators, financial service providers, software vendors, industry analysts, and consultancies. The key topics that will be addressed at the conference include Mobile Banking, Mobile Commerce, Mobile Payments, and Mobile Money Transfers.SPONSORS & PARTNERS: DonRiver Inc. (Conference Host) EnStream LP Interac Association / Acxsys Corporation M-Com MasterCard Worldwide Mobile-Financial.com Mobile Strategy Partners PayPal Mobile Roshan M-Paisa SunTrust Bank Sybase 365 Telepin Software Western Union Financial Services (Canada) Inc. WIlliams McGuire AML Inc. ZoompassSPEAKERS: Anant Tailor, DonRiver Inc. Brent Ho-Young, DonRiver Inc. Brian Fox, Western Union Financial Services (Canada) Inc. Charlie Trainor, Interac Association / Acxsys Corporation David Eads, Mobile Strategy Partners David Youker, Sybase 365 Laura Peile, PayPal Mobile Long Van, DonRiver Inc. Matt McGuire, WIlliams McGuire AML Inc. Mitchel Roda Robin Dua, EnStream LP & Zoompass Scott Lapstra, MasterCard Worldwide Serge Van Dam, M-Com Vincent Kadar, Telepin Software Zahir Khoja, Roshan M-PaisaPRESENTATIONS & PANELS:Track #1 – Mobile Banking Monetizing the Mobile Banking Channel, M-Com. Mobile Banking Case Study, SunTrust Bank Mobile Banking – Launching, operating, and scaling mobile banking channels: M-Com, Sybase, SunTrust BankTrack #2 – Mobile Money Transfer Mobile and Business Banking: The Larger Opportunity, Sybase Mobile money lessons from the developing world., Telepin The Challenges of Bringing Mobile Money to Afghanistan, Roshan M-Paisa Mobile Money Transfer in a developed nation: EnStream, Western Union, Roshan, Interac Workshop – Building a Mobile Money Solution, DonRiver Inc. Legal & Regulatory Considerations for Mobile Money Service Offerings in Canada, WIlliams McGuire AML Inc.Track #3 – Mobile Commerce & Mobile Payments The Mobile Commerce Business Opportunity, PayPal Workshop – Mobile Payments Workshop, M-Com The state of the Mobile & Contactless Payment market in Canada and its future prospects: MasterCard, Telepin, PayPal, Interac Association For more information, please visit www.mobilemoneycanada.com  

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