Australia-based TPG Telecom demonstrated a 360-degree video broadcast on its 5G network using Nokia’s uplink carrier aggregation (CA) technology to achieve a peak throughput of 159Mb/s by combining two sub-6GHz frequency bands.

The demonstration combined 15MHz of spectrum in the 700MHz band and 90MHz in 3.6GHz using Nokia’s uplink equipment and AirScale baseband, massive MIMO and remote radio head products.

Nokia and TPG Telecom used a 5G device powered by a MediaTek mobile chipset fitted with its M80 5G modem.

In a statement, Nokia head of Oceania Andrew Cope argued 5G uplink CA technology “is vital for the immersive future needed to take industrial digitalisation to the next level”, adding 360-degree video streaming is a key building block of the metaverse.

The vendor cited research it commissioned from EY which showed broad awareness of the potential of the metaverse in industrial settings, in particular the ability to mix physical and virtual tasks to advance Industry 4.0 efforts.