LIVE FROM GSMA MOBILE 360 SERIES – LATIN AMERICA, BUENOS AIRES: Nokia warned companies must be ready to take advantage of a drastic change in productivity 5G will bring to multiple industries, the likes of which has not been experienced since the early 1900s.

Wilson Cardoso, Latin America chief solution officer at Nokia (pictured) noted that despite advances in telecoms and the smartphone, processes haven’t changed that much from how they used to be. However, Nokia expects 5G to bring about “infinite connectivity capabilities and infinite cloud computing capabilities” said Cardoso, adding “this is how we will bring about a revolution”.

For instance, industries including mining, farming and healthcare will be able to optimise processes, augment analytics and take action based on them in real time. They will be able to increase productivity by up to 45 per cent.

Nokia is already working with companies to increase their productivity using 4G, and believes it will be able to enhance the services it provides many fold when 5G comes along.

One example Cardoso gave was a Nokia partnership with Brazilian power distributor Elektro to deploy a private LTE network to increase the reliability and efficiency of the electrical grid in the City of Atibaia and surrounding areas.

He also said Nokia is testing 5G in the Port of Hamburg, Germany, with Deutsche Telekom, which now in one month “can handle more containers than all the ports in Latin America”.