Nokia’s unlimited download Comes With Music (CWM) service continues to get a bad press, with one analyst this week declaring that the product is unlikely to last another twelve months. “The time to really push for a premium service to compete with Apple was two to four years ago,” said Tero Kuittinen of MKM Partners, notes a Bloomberg report. “I give it a year before they close it.” Kuittinen has a ‘sell’ rating on Nokia.

Nokia’s CWM service has long been at the centre of speculation concerning poor subscriber takeup. According to digital music research firm Music Ally, as of July the service had just over 107,000 active users in nine markets around the world. Nokia has recently attempted to improve the offering by increasing the handset portfolio and providing exclusive music content. “We have received some great user feedback for the service,” Liz Schimel, head of global music at Nokia, told Bloomberg. “We take a long-term view of Comes With Music rather than seeing it as a short-term promotion.”