Nokia boss not looking beyond Windows – interview

Nokia boss not looking beyond Windows – interview

23 AUG 2013

If Nokia shareholders are fretting about unspectacular sales of Windows-powered Lumia devices and would like to see a plan B, they received no comfort from chief executive Stephen Elop in a new interview with the Financial Times. “We are focused on Windows Phone,” he said.

Elop conceded that Nokia had discussed using other operating systems alongside Windows Phone but decided against it in the end. He said there are “no debates within the company” about replicating, say, a camera feature on two operating systems.

Asked to reflect on his 2011 comment that he should be judged in two years’ time when Nokia had a full portfolio of Windows smartphones, he insisted the Finnish firm was on the right track.

“One of the things to judge, does Nokia have more manoeuvring room today than we did two years ago? And I would argue we definitely do and it’s because we do have a handset business in Lumia that’s now moving in the right direction,” he said.

Elop would not be drawn on recent reported talks with Microsoft about selling Nokia’s mobile business, and gave no hint that the Finnish firm – once top dog in handsets – might fully morph into an infrastructure supplier following its $1.7 billion buyout of Siemens in the NSN joint venture. Heavy investment in handsets was still on the agenda, he said.

Elop dismissed analyst speculation that Nokia might run out of cash, adding it can always cut investments if needed.


Ken Wieland

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