Snaplytics, a company focused on providing Snapchat marketing insights for businesses, launched its new ‘influencer tracking platform’, which it claims is the first of its kind.

The firm said the platform came about because of the challenges around metrics for Snapchat, which has 150 million monthly active users, where everything disappears in 24 hours – including the statistics.

In order for businesses to understand the reach and value of a campaign “they literally must set the alarm clock 23:59 hours later to take a screenshot of the statistics and download the content”.

The tracking platform allows brands to obtain insights such as number of views per story or per campaign and number of seconds watched in total – “essentially answering the question of how many viewers did the campaign have, for how long and how engaged they were”.

The service was launched on Thursday in London, at an event called Snaphappen, which was described as “the biggest gathering of Snapchat influencers to date”.

Snaplytics used the platform to measure the total reach among all collaborators during the event.

“To measure and report on the total reach on Snapchat for the conference is extremely exciting for us,” said CEO Thomas Cilius.

The firm also provides industry benchmarks to help marketers determine if they are creating compelling content and reaching target audiences, and helping them assess and optimise their campaigns.

Cilius noted that “most of the people we’re working with don’t want intricate data analysis; they want accessible, actionable insights that can be applied to their future campaigns.”

Snaplytics’ clients include Vodafone and Ben & Jerry’s.