Snapchat users, who could previously choose one received video or image per day to replay, will now have the option of buying more, as the company moves to embrace in-app purchases.

Consumers will have the option of buying replays at prices starting from $0.99 for three.

“You can use a replay on any Snap you receive, but you can only replay any Snap once. They’re a little pricey — but time is money!” the company said in a blog post, as it introduced its first in-app purchase, having only monetised the app through advertisements until now.

Other options include paying $2.99 for 10 replays and $4.99 for 20. The feature is currently only available for US users.

In its most recent update it also launched a feature called ‘Lenses’, which enables users to add animated effects to their face when taking a selfie, as a result of its acquisition of a startup called Looksery, reportedly for around $150 million.

Looksery’s website says its technology tracks facial shape and expressions, giving users the ability to incrementally modify or fully transform their look in real-time.

“A wide range of face filters have been developed that can modify your eye colour, nose size, facial shape, and skin,” it explained.