Rakuten launched a rebranded digital service suite for businesses in the UK and France, seeking to tap into apps market growth expected in the next few years.

In a statement, the company said it rebranded its software products subsidiary Rakuten Aquafadas as Rakuten DX, which will include novel mobile-first digital experience services that “transform the way businesses engage audiences”.

Offerings within the suite include technologies and services covering end-to-end development of mobile apps: it is available to customers in the two countries from today (23 November).

The company said Rakuten DX is “perfectly positioned” to meet growing market demand, citing IDC figures predicting more than 500 million new digital applications will be created by 2023.

Rakuten DX is headquartered in Montpellier, France, and combines expertise from Rakuten and former start-up Aquafadas which the company took over in 2012.

“Over the next six months, we will be working hard to keep developing high-value services for enterprises of all size. Rakuten DX will give our clients a competitive edge, leveraging the Rakuten Group’s knowledge and experience across e-commerce, finance, telco, sport and entertainment”, Rakuten DX chief Olivier Alluis said.