Network performance measurement company Ookla made its latest acquisition designed to widen its offering to operators, buying specialist software company CellRebel.

In a statement Ookla indicated the move would allow it to offer enhanced consumer experience insights to the mobile industry. The sum was not disclosed.

CellRebel is based in Sweden and provides data analytics and related platforms to assess the quality of network connectivity and user experience on Android and Apple devices.

Target customers include communications service providers and app developers.

The company claims to offer benchmarking and “actionable insights” based on more than 100 billion daily samples gathered from content providers, app companies, cloud players and a billion smartphones.

Discussing the acquisition Ookla CEO Doug Suttles commented it is “vital that we understand more about consumer experiences with networks, and CellRebel brings billions of daily data points with innovative analytical views to help fulfill this need worldwide”.

Ookla bought network analytics company RootMetrics in 2021, combining its crowdsourced speedtest service with the latter’s drive test approach to network performance evaluation.