Popular game Fortnite was tipped to become available for iOS users through a cloud gaming service from Nvidia, which plans to expand availability by the year-end, BBC News reported.

The news service stated Nvidia is preparing to make its GeForce Now service available on mobile versions of Apple’s Safari browser, in turn enabling Fortnite to circumvent a ban imposed after a spat between developer Epic Games and the iPhone maker.

GeForce Now is already available on Chromebook, Mac, Windows and Android, BBC News stated, though it added Nvidia had yet to confirm the plan to add Safari.

If accurate, though, it would allow iOS users to access the game, while still meaning Apple derived no revenue from the title.

The company ditched Fortnite in August after Epic Games began offering a direct payment option which sidestepped Apple’s 30 per cent commission on App Store purchases.

Epic Games previously stated iOS was the most popular Fortnite platform, accounting for 116 million of the game’s 350 million total.