There are “typically almost twice as many active male users as active female users” of smartphone dating apps, according to a study by analytics firm Flurry.

The company said that women wanting to stack the odds even further in their favour should “download an Android dating app”, with titles for this platform skewing more male than their iOS counterparts.

It was also suggested that young adults (“or those in search of a young adult Valentine”) may also want to opt for Android, where users are more likely to be under 25 than for iOS apps.

Interestingly, users of dating apps do so regularly. Apps are typically opened eight times per week and used for 71 seconds at a time, while users of titles targeting gay men access the apps 22 times per week, for 96 seconds at a time.

The company analysed 20 dating apps, with 17 million combined users generating 2.1 billion sessions in January 2013.

Flurry Dating Age Ranges