Social networking giant Facebook highlighted its mobile app activities, following third-quarter results which focused on its efforts to capitalise on its mobile growth.

The company noted its efforts to work with third-party developers, stating it intends to “continue to make it easy for mobile developers to build with Facebook”, including the launch of new SDKs for Android and iOS and deep integration with iOS6.

In its conference call, Mark Zuckerberg, its CEO, said that “we want to build a platform so that every new app that gets created can be social and enable people to share”.

According to the executive, eight out of the top 10 iOS apps integrate with Facebook, and 40 percent of the top 400 use its SDKs. He predicted that in the next five to ten years, “the best products in every category will be social”.

Support for third party developers will enable Facebook to generate more revenue, Zuckerberg said. “We believe that over time, the more value we provide, the more revenue we’ll be positioned to get back, whether that’s through developers buying ads, running our ads through our network, using our Payments service, or other possible ways”.

The company has also recently begun the rollout of its mobile app install ads, which enables developers to promote titles via the Facebook app.

During the quarter, the company launched a re-engineered version of its own iOS app, shifting to a native version from HTML5 in order to improve its performance.

Zuckerberg said that “we haven’t released the re-written Android app yet, but we have many more updates on the way”.

It has also updated its Messenger for Android and iOS, and made Facebook Camera available in 18 languages.