AT&T is to hold a series of one-day “Hackathons,” intended to enable coders to “come together to learn about new technologies, collaborate and create innovative mobile applications.” As part of the programme, it is working with Apigee to provide developers with access to AT&T network-based services, including location, messaging, payment and speech.

The operator said that “applications with embedded APIs currently tap the AT&T network for service reverences more than 2.5 billion times a month – a number that will grow as more developers learn to use the Apigee tools.” According to John Donovan, CTO of AT&T (pictured), “we’re committed to engaging with developers worldwide to deliver a new wave of innovative, powerful apps to our consumers that leverage the deep capabilities of the AT&T network.”

AT&T has already held a Hackathon in Redmond, Washington, and has events planned for San Jose and Chicago. Additional locations are also in the pipeline. It said that “developers of all skill levels are invited to participate.”